General Election Voter Guide 2023

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Voter Guide Frequently Asked Questions

To search for candidates on your ballot, go to the following link and input your address:

Search voter guide

Please reach out to us via e-mail at and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

To print your list of candidates after inputting your address, simply click the “print” button at the top of the page under the filters:

Print Voter Guide

Easy! Input your friends address on the search page at, and after their ballot populates, click the print button as shown in the “How do I print the list of candidates?” section.

Ballots are due no later than 8PM on the following dates:

  • The Primary is August 1, 2023
  • The General is November 7, 2023

You can see a list of ballot drop-box locations by clicking the following link:

  • Unofficial Election Results will be available approximately 8:15 PM on August 1st via your local county website.
  • The August Primary is certified August 15th, 2023.
  • The Voter Guide has a new format. First, voters will be able to quickly see their ballot by typing in their address. All the races and candidates relevant to that address will then appear on screen.
  • Under each race, every candidate will have a Profile. The Profile contains basic contact information, obtained from the Washington Secretary of State. Each candidate was required to provide this information to the SoS when they filed to run for office. A candidate may have voluntarily submitted additional information to WBWV, which was subsequently added to their Profile.
  • A new feature is Candidate Research. This is information obtained by trained research volunteers to determine candidates’ alignment with WBWV’s values and positions.
  • Finally, the Survey is the most important feature of the Voter Guide. This year’s candidate survey is very different from past surveys. We partnered with Peacemaker Ministries to develop a unique candidate survey that discerns candidates’ worldview and positions on key issues, utilizing proven assessment models used in mediation.

Scoring is determined by candidates’ self-identification with a variety of statements that reflect different points of view. A mathematical formula assigns a score, and an algorithmic calculation compiles all scores. The true conservative category is most closely aligned with WBWV’s Biblical values and Constitutional principles.

Therefore, candidates with higher survey scores are more closely aligned with WBWV.

Every candidate is contacted by email about filling out our survey.

Several reminders are sent to candidates prior to the time ballots are mailed via the elections department.

When candidates fail to respond to our requests that they fill out our survey, then a “No Survey” or “Did Not Respond” (DNR) designation is assigned to the candidate.

Not all candidates fill out our survey, which we understand can be frustrating for the users of our platform.

This year, WBWV has endeavored to conduct research on candidates, which is focused on 5 areas:

  1. General worldview
  2. Homelessness issue
  3. Public safety
  4. Economy/Budgets
  5. Endorsements.


For school board races, this research is conducted in the following areas:

  1. General Worldview
  2. Educational Priorities
  3. School Safety
  4. Critical Race Theory
  5. Endorsements


Trained research volunteers utilized a variety of methods to find information about candidates’ positions, including extensive online searches as well as direct contact with candidates by phone and/or email. When information is not readily available online, we have asked candidates to provide a written statement on their positions regarding these key issues.

After reviewing the research, candidates are evaluated on their alignment with WBWV’s values and positions. Our committee then determines the degree of alignment, using the following assessment:

  1. Very Well Aligned
  2. Well Aligned
  3. Aligned
  4. Somewhat Aligned
  5. Not Aligned


If no information is available, and candidates have not responded to our request for written statements, then the candidate earns a zero score with the clarifiers of NO DATA, UNKNOWN, or “Did Not Respond” (DNR).

This year, we are piloting Candidate Research as a new feature of our Voter Guide. We have limited Candidate Research to races with 3 or more candidates in the Primary, and prioritized Spokane County. We are committed to integrity and transparency in our research; therefore, it is very time-intensive. As our system is refined, we intend to expand Candidate Research to all races across our state and, hopefully, beyond.

In races where we have attempted to conduct Candidate Research but no information was available, it means that we could not find any online information about the candidate and the candidate did not respond to our request for written statements. These days, most credible candidates have, at a minimum, a free Facebook page where they can inform the public of their candidacy, why they are running, and what their positions are on key issues. Candidates who have no online or social media presence, and do not respond to repeated attempts to contact them by email and/or phone, are most likely not serious about their candidacy.

Any races that have 2 or fewer candidates automatically qualify for the general election. Therefore, the elections department will not show these on your primary election ballot. WBWV utilizes data provided by the SoS on all races, regardless of advancement status, so that we can reach out to candidates to fill out our survey.

The elections office made us aware that some counties in WA would not receive a ballot at all because each race within that county had 2 or fewer candidates per race.

If you are unsure, or believe this may be a mistake, please reach out to your county elections office. You can find their information by clicking the following link:

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