Meri Anderson

Registered Dietitian, Ret.


LeAnna Benn, natl director

                Teen-Aid, Inc.


Stephanie Cates

Marketing and Public Relations


Jackie Couraud

Criminal Justice Specialist


Dick Erb

Focus on Family VP, Ret.


Diane Gershon

Teacher, Ret.


Cindy Goleeke

Interior Design, Business Owner


Carolyn Jacobs

WBWV Chair

Teacher, Ret.


Max Johnston

Business owner, Investor


Josh Kerns

MBA, Legislative Assistant


Penny Lancaster

WBWV Coordinator

Teacher, Ret.


Cindy Marshall

                LPN, Ret.


Justin McClain, Student

Political Science, Economics


Nancy McLaughlin

City Council Representative


Bob Murray

Real Estate Broker


Carol Roeber

Registered Nurse, Ret

2013 Election

Dear Voter,

Determining which candidate is worthy of our vote can be a very difficult process for many concerned citizens. Many people have requested a resource that will help them become more informed before they mark their ballot.

Therefore, the “We Believe – We Vote” Coalition has evaluated most Spokane County candidates in contested races for the 2013 political season by means of interviews, surveys, and published materials. We appreciate the time candidates take out of their busy schedules to meet with us and graciously answer our questions.

We are pleased to congratulate the following candidates, whom we recommended, on their campaign victory:
  •  Brian Dansel - State Senate, Dist 7
  • Rod Higgins - Spokane Valley City Council, Pos 1
  • Ed Pace - Spokane Valley City Council, Pos 4
  • Bill Bates - Spokane Valley City Council, Pos 7
  • Lori Olander - Liberty Lake City Council, Pos 1
  • Hugh Severs - Liberty Lake City Council, Pos 2
  • Odin Langford - Liberty Lake City Council, Pos 4
  • Mike Novakovich - East Valley School Director, Dist 5
  • Fred Helms - East Valley School Director, Dist 4
  • Jim Bennett - Fire Commissioner, District 9, Pos 3
We encourage all citizens to support every successful candidate with your prayers. Stay connected and let those who are elected to represent your interests know your values on the issues.
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