As we remain involved in elections and candidates, we are witnessing firsthand how the outcome of 2020’s election is changing the direction and makeup of our country. As a concerned citizen, you know how important it is to be supported by elected officials who understand the value of a free market system. This is why your support of We Believe We Vote is critical.


WE BELIEVE WE VOTE‘s goal is to REV Up! in 2021 by:

·         Getting voters in our area to register to vote

·         Getting voters to educate themselves on the key issues 

·         Getting voters out to VOTE!!

Our Partners are: Businesses and Concerned Citizens who will financially commit to WBWV  in either monthly, quarterly or annual pledges at one of the following levels:

o   Platinum Level $5,000 

o   Diamond Level $4,000 

o   Gold Level $3,000  

o   Silver Level $2,500 

o   Bronze Level $2,000 

o   Partner Level $1,500 

o   Eagle Club Level $1,000 

o   Friendship Club Level – up to $1,000

WBWV‘s commitment to you:

·         Partners will receive a certificate of thanks for display at your place of business

·         Partners will be featured on WBWV‘s website, at events, and in newsletters

·         Partners with a business location will receive WBWV signs to display

·         Partners will receive a quarterly update of how their contributions are being used to help WBWV grow and be more effective in our community

·         Partners will be invited to special briefings throughout the year regarding 2020 campaigns

·         Partners will be offered early bird or special pricing for all paid events of WBWV

WBWV is a Washington state nonprofit corporation. Our political influence disqualifies us as a charitable organization.

Our 2021 Partners to Date:

·       Platinum Level $5,000

            ·       Diamond Level $3,500                                                                                                                                                                        Harvey and Gayle Bolton                                                                                                                          

        •  Gold Level $3,000                                                                                                                                                                  Dick and Paula Cullen
        • · Silver Level $2,500   

·       Bronze Level $2,000 

      Calvary Chapel Spokane

 ·     Partner Level $1,500

     Mike and Molly Drew            John Johnson

·      Eagle Club Level $1,000 

     Kelly & Penny Lancaster      Doug & Candy Gintz



John Johnson of Integrated Financial Services, Inc.
              •   Friendship Club Level – up to $1,000

                 Bruce and Linda Booher        Dave & Nancy McLaughlin

                 Barry Hill                                   Rod Glenn                                                                                                                           Loren and Beth Guske             Leo Johnson, II

                 Dean McCarty                           Don & Patti Kahl                                                                                                                 Roger and Janice Long                         

                 Steven Serrell                           Doug Turner

  •                  Dean & Kathleen Whitman