We are racing quickly towards our General Election in 2020. There are many critical issues at both the Federal and State level that we as voters will be facing in 2020. The outcome of the election and how we vote will change the direction or makeup of our country. As a business owner, you know how important it is to be supported by elected officials who understand the value of a free market system.This is why your support of We Believe We Vote is critical.


We Believe We Vote’s goal is to REV Up! in 2020 by:

·         Get voters in our area to register to vote

·         Get voters to educate themselves on the key issues facing us

·         Get voters out to actually VOTE!!

Our Partners are: Businesses and Concerned Citizens who financially commit to WBWV right now in monthly, quarterly or annual pledges at one of the following levels: Partner Program Membership (annual commitment paid annually, quarterly or monthly)

o   Platinum Level $5,000

o   Diamond Level $4,000

o   Gold Level $3,000

o   Silver Level $2,500

o   Bronze Level $2,000

o   Partner Level $1,500

o   Eagle Club Level $1,000

o   Friendship Club Level – anything under $1,000


WBWV’s commitment to you:

·         Partners will receive a certificate of thanks for display at your place of business

·         Partners will be featured on WBWV’s website, at events and in newsletters

·         Partners with a business location will receive WBWV signs to display

·         Partners will receive a quarterly update of how their contributions are being used to help WBWV grow and be more effective in our community

·         Partners will be invited to special briefings throughout the year regarding 2020 campaigns

·         Partners will be offered early bird or special pricing for all paid events of WBWV

WBWV is a Washington state nonprofit corporation. Our political influence disqualifies us as a charitable organization.

Our 2020 Partners to Date:

·         Platinum Level $5,000

               KvC Developments

·         Diamond Level $3,500

·         Gold Level $3,000

·         Silver Level $2,500

·         Bronze Level $2,000

                 Dave and Nancy McLaughlin

·         Partner Level $1,500

                 Roger & Carolyn Jacobs

·         Eagle Club Level $1,000 

                 Mike Drew

                 Kitara Johnson

                 Kelly & Penny Lancaster



Larry Moran of MoranCo
John Johnson of Integrated Financial Services, Inc.
              •   Friendship Club Level – anything under $1,000

                       Dean McCarty, McCarty Insurance, Inc.

                       Nichole Wright

    •                  Bruce and Linda Booher

                       Ron and Helen Kennett

                       Steven Serrell                                                                                                                                                 Doug Turner

                                   Barbara Tevis