The vision of We Believe We Vote is to see our Cities, States and Nation receive more of God’s blessing because we are honoring His laws and Biblical principles in government.


The mission of We Believe We Vote is to identify candidates that align with Biblical and Constitutional principles and to support their election by encouraging the Faith-based community to vote using our informed voter guide.


At We Believe We Vote we start by looking at current political issues that can be addressed by the Bible or US Constitution. This is what forms the Evaluation Criteria we use to assess candidates.  We then research candidate voting records, websites, news articles and other information pertaining to this Criteria. When additional information is needed, we conduct surveys in-person, on the phone, or online; whatever meets the needs of the candidate. Based upon public records and/or answers to our survey, we make our recommendations and our voter guide is developed.  We recommend and endorse candidates for both the Primary and General Election.  Our recommendation level depends on how closely they align with our Evaluation Criteria.

We make it easy for the candidate to answer our survey therefore, if the candidate is unwilling to take our survey in person, by phone, or online, we consider him/her out of alignment with our values. _________________________________________________________________________


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