We Believe We Vote’s Vision


The vision of We Believe We Vote is to see the citizens of our communities, states, and nation vote consistently according to Biblical truth and Constitutional principles.


The mission of We Believe We Vote is to research candidates and ballot issues, prepare and distribute trustworthy resources, and mobilize citizens to vote based on Biblical truth and Constitutional principles.


At We Believe We Vote we start by looking at current political issues that can be addressed by the Bible or US Constitution. This is what forms the Evaluation Criteria we use to write our questions and assess candidates.  We then research candidate voting records, websites, news articles and other information pertaining to these Criteria. Public records, including public interviews,  and/or answers to our survey are available by clicking on the candidate’s name on the Voter Guide. We review candidates for both the Primary and General Elections. We reveal how closely they align with our Evaluation Criteria and encourage everyone to share our Voter Guide with their contacts.



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