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Christian Voting Stats
And a further 15 million aren’t even registered to vote, according to the My Faith Votes website.

What to know whats happening with elections in 2023?

Take a look at prior races or get the latest information on candidates and ballot measures with We Believe We Vote's voter guide.

Are you a Pastor, Church Administrator or Ministry? We have all the resources you'll need to navigate politics from the pulpit!

We have a plethora of educational materials and information that will help you be better equipped as a Biblical Citizen and voter.

We are always looking for volunteers to help in a variety of areas. Check out our volunteers page and apply to help our cause!

Become a sustaining partner and help us reach more voters, more churches, and more candidates!

Check out our event calendar to see our upcoming events and get your tickets!

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WeBelieveWeVote is a Washington State non-profit organization that provides Biblical and Constitutional resources to churches, pastors, and the general public. Our organization is completely funded by community partnerships and donations by concerned Biblical Citizens.

If you utilize our resources, please consider making a contribution today. Thank you!

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Thank you to our partners! Our work would not be possible without the commitment of our community.

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