REV Up 2022 Student Ticket Scholarship

Dear students!

Thank you for your interest in attending our 2022 event with Kirk Cameron. Below, you will find an application form to apply for a free ticket to the event. These questions are designed to gauge your interest in our vision and mission, and tell us a little bit more about you as a person. Please note, there are no right or wrong answers!

Thank you again and I look forward to meeting you at our event.

Dale Whitaker
Executive Director, We Believe We Vote
Choose your meal
All meals are complete with:

- Chefs Selection of Seasonal Choice Vegetables
- A Selection of Fresh Breads & Rolls
- Chefs Selection of Gourmet Dessert
- Iced Water, Iced Tea and Local Coffee

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  • Stand against misinformation by providing accurate, unbiased information on candidates and candidate positions.

Even a small amount can make a big difference, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their income, has access to this vital information.

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