Voter Guide

The iVoter Guide link shows candidates in national and statewide races. WBWV’s links show Spokane County’s and Ferry County’s races. Both of these guides offer information on candidates in order for you to select those who reflect your Judeo-Christian values.

Register to vote by November 3, 2020. Submit your ballot for the  Election by November 3, 2020.

*DISCLAIMER: In order to establish a candidate’s alignment with Biblical and Constitutional principles, WBWV relies on the candidate’s responses to survey questions. WBWV seeks to inform and does not endorse, nor assess the character or electability of a candidate. Please select the icon below for each guide. The iVoterGUIDE button will show you all state and U.S. level races. The Spokane County and Ferry County show the Commissioners races.  Each guide can be printed.

iVoter Guide
Click On This Link For All State and US Races in WA


*All Guides are (.pdf) files and can be downloaded for print and distribution. Guides and Survey answers will open in a new tab/window. Use your browser ‘back’ button to return to FIRST page of the guide.