Kirk Cameron is known by millions as “Mike Seaver” from the 1980’s hit sit-com, “Growing Pains.” Since then, he’s invested his time and energy into faith and family-focused films, television shows and live events, including “Fireproof” -the marriage-centered film that became the #1 inspirational movie of the year, inspiring the best-selling book “The Love Dare”, as well as the movies, “Left Behind” and “Monumental,” “The Way of the Master” television series, and hundreds of live events focused on marriage, family and parenting.

Recently, he’s been featured on Fox News, Good Morning America, The Ben Shapiro Show, and Prager U talking about his “American Campfire Revival- 100 Day Plan” urging the family of faith to return to the principles that will bring blessing and protection to America.

Kirk is currently producing his newest film with the Kendrick Brothers about the value of life in the womb and the beauty of adoption. He’s also producing a documentary about the homeschooling movement. He and his wife, Chelsea, met on the set of “Growing Pains,” have been married for 30 years, have six children and host an all-expenses-paid summer camp for terminally ill children and their families called, Camp Firefly.

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