The WBWV Coalition agrees that the following statements provide a standard of wisdom and principles by which to assess ballot issues and candidates for public office:                                      


We believe in the supernatural, full and unqualified inspiration of the Holy Bible, the Word of God; that it is inerrant and its teaching and authority are absolute, supreme, and final. [i]

We believe that the life, death, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ provided the perfect sacrifice for the redemption of sinners, who believe by faith alone.[ii]

We believe, God created man in His image. The first duty of civil government is the protection of that innocent human life from conception until natural death. When government sanctions abortion or euthanasia, it rejects God as Creator, puts all lives at risk, and invites His judgment on the land..[iii]

In order to be free outwardly, men must first be willing to govern themselves inwardly. The whole of American civilization rests, not on the external power of civil government, but on the internal capacity of each and all of us to govern ourselves according to the Laws of God. While humanism looks to the power of civil government to solve society’s problems, a Christian society looks to the power of Christian self-government. True liberty is the fruit of Christian self-government.[iv]

The fruit of man’s labor – his land, merchandise or money – is called his external property; but man also has an internal property in his opinions and in the free exercise of his conscience. When external property is threatened through undue taxation, regulation or condemnation, the loss of internal property ultimately follows. Civil government is instituted to protect the unalienable rights of property of every sort. (ref: James Madison on “Property”) The neglect of this duty leads to anarchy and tyranny and the loss of all property rights.[v]

We agree covenant marriage, only between one man and one woman, is vital to the health, justice, and common welfare of the next generation and the future of any nation. Our Creator ordained the family as the first institution of government. It is the cornerstone of every other societal institution. Civil government functions in its proper capacity when its statutes and policies recognize and reinforce the God-given role and authority of the family unit. When the state usurps the family’s role as educator, provider and caregiver, or when it attempts to redefine the family unit, God’s order is overturned and all of society suffers the consequences.[vi]

We agree it is the fundamental right and responsibility of parents to direct the education of their children.[vii]

Our Constitution is the supreme law of the land. It is the law for civil government, authorizing its existence, defining and limiting its authority, and restraining the conduct of men in power. The spirit and original intent of the U.S. Constitution upholds the unalienable rights and ideals expressed in our Declaration of Independence. [viii]

The centralization of government is incompatible with the principles of self-government and local jurisdiction. Therefore the Tenth Amendment reserves “to the states…or to the people” all powers not expressly delegated to the federal government. The powers reserved to state and local governments comprise the vast majority of governmental functions. [ix]

Nationhood is an integral part of God’s plan for mankind and national sovereignty is a national blessing. When man attempts to erect a “New World Order” of globalized systems of trade, banking, and political government, he overturns God’s order and paves the way for oppressive one-world government. Nationhood under God offers men freedom; world government under man reduces men and nations to slavery. Ultimately, Christ alone is fit to rule the world; and America is accountable to God alone for the leadership and example it offers the world. [x]



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