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  3. Candidate Confidential features an issues-only conversation with 2017 Spokane-area general election candidates in a face-to-face freewheeling format brought to you by Spokane Talks Online.


              *Karen Hardy

*Jacquelin MaycumberSusan Swanson

                          ∗ Jocelyn Cook, Tony Hazel

*Odin Langford

*Mike Kennedy

*Shirley MaikeMikeal Suniga

                          ∗ Tim Benn, Kate Burke

                          ∗ Breean Beggs, Andy Dunau

                          ∗ Candace Mumm, Matthew Howes

                           ∗ Rod Higgins, Chris Jackson

                           ∗ Angie Beem, Pam Haley

                           ∗ Mike WiserJennifer Thomas