These are the four guiding principles that determine a 5-star recommendation for candidates who demonstrate:

1. Respect for the Constitution
• God established civil government for our benefit, in order to restrain evil and promote good.

• The right to self-defense, as encapsulated in the 2nd Amendment, is the key to all of the other rights described in the Bill of Rights. Free speech, freedom of religious expression, freedom of assembly, and a free press are secured and kept secure by an armed citizenry.

• The President, Congress and the Courts must limit themselves and each other to the authority the Constitution actually grants them.

2. Respect for Human Life and Religious Convictions
• It’s always wrong to deliberately take an innocent human life.

• Understanding that freedom of conscience is at the heart of liberty, the Framers protected freedom of religion and assembly in the First Amendment. When the government compels individuals and organizations, especially with religious convictions, to act against their beliefs the government is attacking these freedoms.

3. Respect for the Value of Marriage and Family for individual and social welfare
• The marriage of one man and one woman is the natural foundation of all human society, and the means by which children ought to be brought into the world and taught the basic values of our civilization.

• Government has a duty to recognize and protect the family and must not grant alternative relationships the same status and privileges.

• Families, not public education, should decide what, when, and how children are introduced to controversial subjects dealing with moral issues.

4. Respect for Equal Opportunities and Personal Responsibility
• Responsible adults, unless hindered by debilitating physical impairment, should seek independent living as free persons.

• The free and responsible use of private property and the free market system produce greater wealth and greater freedom for all members of society.