The vision of WBWV is to use Biblical and traditional values to offer informed voter recommendations for primary and general elections in the Spokane region. The intent of WBWV recommendations and the website is to encourage greater voter participation by having a positive influence on local elections for the benefit of the Spokane region, according to Proverb 29:2, “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, but when a wicked man rules people groan.”



WeBelieveWeVote will, to the best of its ability, discern a candidate’s understanding of, and reliance upon, the immutable truth of our country’s underlying Judeo-Christian principles and the timeless wisdom of its founding documents, The Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States, for the purpose of offering an informed Voter Guide.


We are a coalition of 35+ citizens from many denominations and occupations, but one faith. We are just like you.

We volunteer to sit down with the candidates and ask the questions that you would ask if you had the time. After the interviews and the research is complete we convene and vote to decide on a level of support for each candidate. We recommend candidates in the Primary run-off as well as the General Election, depending on how closely they align with our Evaluation Criteria.

We volunteer our efforts, personal resources and countless hours with the hope that more people of faith will vote their Biblical values. We welcome your prayers, your help and your donations to support the expense of promoting these recommendations. Our purpose is to have a positive influence on the local elections for the benefit of our community. Please read this Overview to learn more about our history, our process, and our organization… Won’t you Get Involved and Sign the Mailing List today to get the Voter Recommendations in your in-box?

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Watch our video to meet some of our members.